Emergency and Health Training Center

Adult First Aid Training for Community Rescuers

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Emergency & Health Training Center

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Adult First Aid class designed for emergency response for the general public in the Home, the Community, and the Workplace. This course is recommended for teachers, airline personnel, construction professionals, lifeguards, parents, nonemergency transportation drivers, corporate employees, factory workers, and security officers.
Topics Covered: How to recognize the symptoms of and respond to a Stroke, Allergic Reactions, Diabetic Emergencies, Heart Attacks, Minor and Major Bleeding, Temperature related injuries, and much more…

Length of Class: 3 hours.

Course Price: $50.

Certification: HSI Certification. You will receive your Adult First Aid eCard on the day of the class.

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  • Emergency & Health Training Center
  • 2660 John Montgomery Dr., Ste 6
  • San Jose, CA 95148

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