Ivette B.

Quan is an incredible teacher. I took CPR and Firts Aid. The class was very easy to understand, Quan has a very cool sense of humor that apply into the class witch made it funny, entertaining and easy to learn. I Wish,  all teacher can learn from Quan’s technique to made enjoyable to learn. Wonderful place to get certificate. I recommend Emergency and Health Training Center 100%. Quan is the best instructor!!!

Thuy L.

This is my first time taking a BLS CPR class. Quan is super nice and helpful throughout the whole bls cpr training. He helped us get to know our materials before we work hands on with the mannequin. We also had an infant mannequin to work with. He ask us questions and make sure the class gets it before moving on. I don’t feel scared asking questions in his class and he encourages people to ask questions and partipate! I love having a class in person to do my hands on training because it helps me better than just learning it online. I will definitely refer people here and renew my certificate here!

Jeremy O.

Quan Ta is an exceptional teacher that I had the pleasure to meet. His philosophy behind cpr and first aid helps you understand material so much more than any other way that is taught. He genuinely cares about his job and the students he is teaching. It’s good to see people like that in this world, very rare to come by anymore. I recommend him to anyone who wants to sign up for the class, I would give a six out of 5 stars if I could.

Gaby F.

Quan is literally the sweetest person alive and you can tell that he loves his job. This is my second time renewing my CPR license and I highly recommend this class. The class is four hours long but Quan definitely made it go by faster. He is a very funny and kind person. His teaching is very hands on and informative. He also provides snacks (cookies and ramen) as well as an assortment of teas and coffee. Thank you for being such a wonderful person Quan.

Ami Gandhi

Quan Ta has a very practical approach to training, mingled with sharing his own experiences for a thorough understanding of various scenarios and responsibility and responses demanded in emergency situations from trained healthcare professionals. Quan offers a fresh perspective to BLS CPR training. Highly recommend his class.

Ceydel Ramirez

Thank you David Nguyen, It was an amazing class, I love the way you interact with the students & how you clearly explain and how you make your class very fun and interesting. You give very detailed instructions about how to give CPR, I would highly recommend anyone to take this course with you.

Tania Rodriguez

Very informative instructor with a strong passion for CPR & First Aid training. Very thorough in explaining how to perform high quality CPR. I feel very confident with all of the information provided and although I have not yet encountered a situation with an unconscious patient, I do feel as if I could perform high quality CPR. Thanks to Quan Ta for actually going into depth with the hands on training at Emergency And Health Training Center.

Tes Arriola

Awesome lectures and hands on experience. Quan Tan is a fabulous instructor; he made us feel comfortable and own the situation. He injected jokes related to the activities that makes us entertained as well, as such, no sleepy or boring moments. Overall, we learn a lot.

Donald Wesley

Great learning environment & highly knowledgeable instructors will have you looking for chests to pound in just a few short hours. Quan and the other nice people on staff have obviously taught the essentials of CPR and first aid for quite a long time and pass these lifesaving methods to students effectively and with a bit of humor mixed in to keep pupils interested and therefore attentive and eager to learn. My profession requires I take this every two years and am looking forward to seeing what is new in 2019! Highly recommend these professionals

Stefanny Alcazar

CPR instructor (Quan Ta) was great! Kind, friendly, professional and funny! His class was a good use of my time. Well explained, hands on, and he made sure we understood what was being taught. GPS misleads you to the location. sends you to a closed gate.

Linda Kang

I really enjoyed his class! Quan is a great instructor, the class was fun and informative. The best CPR class I have taken so far. Thank you!

Michelle Montrose

Quan Ta is an excellent instructor and a great guy. It’s clear he’s passionate about what he does and I would definitely recommend taking his class! He is very clear, considerate, and knows how to be serious yet keep the class light hearted. I never write reviews really, but he was just that great I had to do it. Thanks, Quan!