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CPR Classes in Gilroy

CPR Classes in Gilroy

CPR classes in Gilroy

Convenient CPR Classes at Your Site in Gilroy with no extra fee!

At Emergency and Health Training Center, we understand that busy schedules and transportation constraints can make it difficult to attend CPR classes following our schedules at our San Jose, Milpitas, and Hayward office. That’s why we offer the convenience of bringing CPR training directly to your site in Gilroy. With our CPR classes in Gilroy, you can learn life-saving skills in the comfort of your own place. Please don’t forget to ask for group discounts.

The process for scheduling a CPR class at your Gilroy location.

Scheduling a CPR class with us is convenient and straightforward. Simple contact our team via phone at 408-843-7375 or email us at info@cprtraining-center.com to discuss your needs, group size, and preferred dates. We will work with you to find a suitable day and time that accommodates your schedule. Our instructors will arrive at site with all the necessary training materials, equipment, and resources to facilitate an engaging and informative session.

The minimum class sizes you can accommodate for on-site CPR classes in Gilroy.

For our on-site CPR classes in Gilroy, we have a minimum requirement of 8 students per class. This minimum number ensures a conducive learning environment and allows for effective group interaction and practice.

Which CPR class is appropriate for me?

Medical/Dental Professional

We provide the American Heart Association (AHA) BLS/ACLS/PALS for Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers, which is required CPR certification for healthcare professional working in hospitals and clinics in California.

Non-Medical (General Public)

We provide the Health & Safety Institute (HSI) CPR/AED/First Aid for the general public in the various settings, including home, communities, and workplace. Our courses are suitable for teachers, respite caregivers, airline personnel, construction professionals, lifeguards, parents, nonemergency transportation drives, corporate employees, factory workers, and security officers. HSI certification is appropriate for companies, schools, industries. Please check your industry guidelines and let us help you schedule the right class for your specific industry needs. Some industries may require American Heart Association (AHA) certification as well.

Non-Medical (Childcare/Day care)

We provide the American Heart Association Pediatric (AHA) CPR/AED/First Aid classes for individuals involved in childcare (childcare works, teachers, foster care works, camp counselors, youth organizations). This course is also ideal for parent, grandparents, extended family members, babysitters, and guardians. It is the required Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid certification with EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority) approved.

For more information about each class, you can find details on the link below. However, for scheduling CPR classes at your site in Gilroy, please contact us.

Is it possible to complete a portion of my CPR class online and come to my Gilroy location for in-person practice and skill check?

Students have the flexibility of completing a portion of their CPR class online (Part 1 only), whether it’s BLS, ACLS, CPR, First Aid online (AHA). Following part 1 online, to obtain your certification, students will still need to participate in an onsite “skills session” with one of our AHA instructors. Please contact us once you have completed the online course to schedule for the hands-on practice using CPR manikins (don’t forget to bring your Heartcode part 1 certificate on the day of skills session.)

CPR Classes in Gilroy – Emergency and Health Training Center

By choosing our CPR classes in Gilroy and working with us, you can gain life-saving skills without the hassle of traveling to a training facility, we can come to your site. Our personalized instruction, convenience, and flexibility ensure a valuable and engaging learning experience. Please contact us today to schedule CPR class at your convenience for a group training. Our mission is going beyond certification, your confident in our training is our ultimate goal.

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ACLS Renewal Class – American Heart Association ACLS certification in San Jose

$ 190.00
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) - Renewal
  • Classroom onsite training for healthcare providers who have previously completed the ACLS course and are seeking to renew their certification and unexpired American Heart Association ACLS certification card.
  • Length of class is about 6 hours.
  • PRECOURSE STUDYING: Per the American Heart Association, please go to https://elearning.heart.org/course/424 to view study material (Launch the course to access the videos and Self-assessment test). You must email (info@cprtraining-center.com) us or print out and bring your Self-Assessment test score with you to class.
  • Same Day AHA Certification (2 Years AHA ACLS Certification).
Location: 2660 John Montgomery Dr., suite 6, San Jose, CA 95148. No time for classroom training, now offering AHA's ACLS blended learning - (Click here): HeartCode ACLS (online portion) + A hands-on skills session with an AHA instructor.

PALS Class – American Heart Association PALS Certification in San Jose

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Classroom training
  • American Heart Association PALS Certification (2 years)
  • Class Length is About 8 hours for Renewal or 12 hours for Initial.
Location: 2660 John Montgomery Dr., Suite 6, San Jose, CA 95148. No time for classroom training, now offering AHA’s PALS blended learning: HeartCode PALS (online portion) + A hands-on skills session with an AHA instructor.


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